Now accepting students of all ages and skill levels!

Take a single lesson, or get on the calendar for monthly lessons.

I’ve been playing music all over the world for the last 10 years at least, and as of October 2014 I triumphantly left my day job to pursue music as a fulltime career – so I’ve picked up a thing or two I’m willing to share!

Drum Lessons are taught in my Northglenn studio on a Yamaha Stage Custom, at your place in the greater Denver area, or online.

Improve your percussive prowess and get some new stuff to practice:

• Warm-ups
• Double kick
• Improvising
• Speed builders
• Setup & technique
• Endurance workouts
• Reading sheet music & notation
• Much more!

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If you’re in the music biz, or trying to get there and you need some help, I can help with that too!

For the up-and-coming artist or band member seeking help with:
• Home demo tracking solutions
• Songwriting/Lyric crafting
• Marketing & Promotion
• Social Media presence
• Tour Routing/Booking
• Legal info/Copyrights
• Publishing/Licensing
• Self-Management
• Much more!

If you’re already making music at home and want to level up a little bit, we can talk about:
• Logic Pro 9-X
• Plug-ins/VST
• Recording/mixing
• Chiptune/8-bit Music
• Sequencing/sampling
• Songwriting/Lyric crafting
• Audio/MIDI Hardware/Software
• MacOS / PC / MS-DOS
• Much more!

My first lesson is free: It’s up to YOU to put in the work. NOBODY will work harder for yourself than YOU. The advice I can provide is based on my humble yet extensive and varied experience, but you’ll have to apply it, blaze your own trail and put in your own time once you know what’s up!! That’s the catch here.

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